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The ultimate guide for pharmacists working in care homes

A pharmacist with a care home resident

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society have developed this ultimate online guide offering practical support and comprehensive signposting to help pharmacists who are already working in/with care homes or are interested in starting this new role.

By using this guide you will learn about the different roles pharmacists have in providing care to residents in care homes and the support tools and guidance that are available to help with the role.

We know too many care home residents are not getting the best from their medicines or are taking medicines which are doing them more harm than good and may be reducing their quality of life. Care home residents should receive the right medicines at the right time and in the right way to maximise the benefits of the medication. Pharmacists have the expertise to help achieve this and as part of a multidisciplinary team can be responsible for a whole system of medicines and their use within a care home.

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Publish date: 
11 August 2016